WhatsApp Follow-up

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an easy-to-use software that sends the same follow-up message to thousands of people at the same time, personalizing each recipient with their first name, even if they have not saved your number.

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WHY Follow up?

Prospects may not join your business at the first time for genuine reasons; the timing might not be right!

If you keep following up daily, the timing for someone to join is going to be right almost every day.

No doubt the fortune is in the follow up!

What's the PROBLEM?

It becomes more tedious to follow up on many people on WhatsApp, especially when they don't have your number saved where your broadcast messages would have otherwise reached them.

Moreover, your prospects may not feel you're direclty talking to them since the messages do not bear their names .

Here's the SOLUTION

Watch this brief training video and discover how to deliver your messages where each of your prospects will have their first names incorporated in them.

What's more, the time used to follow up on one prospect is the same time every prospect receives their own. Hence, you are able to reduce your follow-up time by 99%!

Ready to make your follow-up tailored to your individual prospect and yet do it within 5 minutes instead of hours?